Kaisy keh dun? “Khatm Kahaani!”


Naa tu RAJA naa main RAANI.
Kaisy Keh dun Khatam kahaani.
Aadhy rasty main naa chorun,
Aisi mainy kasam hai thaani.
Kaisy Keh dun Khatam kahaani.

Maana khafaa huy ho humsey,
Maana khafaa kiya bhi humney.
Shikwon main na umr baitaani,
Kaisy Keh dun Khatam kahaani.

Arsaa hua nahi hun soyi,
Soch tumhey main aadhi hoyi
Meri lori tumhaari baani,
Kaisy Keh dun Khatam kahaani.

Sun leti jo pal bhar tumko,
Tak leti jo ek pal tumko.
So leti main raat suhaani.
Kaisy Keh dun Khatam kahaani.

Naa tu RAJA naa main RAANI.
Kaisy Keh dun Khatam kahaani.

Kaisy keh dun? “Khatm Kahaani!”

Twisted Logic


Main Ab vida leta hun

One of the best poets I have read in Indian poetry is “Awtar Singh Sandhu : PAASH”. He was a freedom fighter poet, which means he wrote aggressive poetry. Whats really good about him is that he was not only good at erupting anger for injustice but was also a very good love poet.

Here is one of his few love poems. This one is close to my heart.


Seize the Day



If you listen real close,
You can hear them whisper their legacy to you.
Go on, lean in.

You hear it?

” Seize the day while you still can.

Coz believe it or not,

The day will come and,

Each and every one of us,

Are going to stop breathing,

Turn cold and die! “

So go ahead and seize the day.
Make your life Extraordinary.


How Love Works

“You find Love when you Least expect to, 
and lose it when you are sure that its in your grasp.”

How Love Works


Imagine a World…

Where Every single word that you speak,

Appears on your skin.

Would you still not be careful of what you speak?




Jaage Hain Dair Tak Hamain
Kuch Dair Sony Do,
Thodi Si Raat Aur Hai
Subahaa Toh Hony Do.

Aadhy Adhoory Khawaab Jo
Poory Na Ho Saky,
Ek Baar Phir Se Neend Main
Woh Khawaab Bony Do.